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Miscellaneous Photo-Etched Accessories

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ATEMisc 01        MT Shell Welder Fittings Set

The re tooled Shell Welder set is a more up to date version of the original detail set designed to fit the Frog/ Eastern Express kit in 1/130 scale. Contains more Railings, Ladders for the superstucture and pipe deck, valve hand wheels and anchors.

Price £ 13.75 GB Pounds plus Postage

Now Available

ATEMisc 02  HMS Vanguard Parts Set 1/450 Scale

This set was originally produced as a commision but has been made available to those who wish to have a go at the rather old

ex Frog, Hasegawa kit. There is only a parts list with this set, which leaves the modeller to do their own research. Having said that I can supply a set of plan and profiles in .pdf form for those who wish the extra help.

Price £16.50 plus Postage

Temporarily Out of Stock

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ATEMisc 03 WW2 Ship Railings Set 1/144 Scale

This is a set of generic railings that will enhance any USN, RN

or similar ship from the WW2 era. The set contains 3 and 2 bar railings with and without angled braces. The set also contain lengths of netting that fit to the lower railings along the gun decks.

Price  £33.90 GB Pounds  plus Postage

Now Available

ATEMisc 04 IJN Yamato Supplementary Set 1/200 Scale

This set is purely a supplementary set that was designed to be used alongside existing detail sets for the Nichimo kit. It includes shaped railings to fit the main decks, an improved Type 22 radar antenna, an early set of deckings for the aft sponsons, many extra portholes, ladders and flight deck fittings.

Price £35.25 GB Pounds  plus Postage

Now Available

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ATEMisc 05 HMS Tiger Detail Set 1/415 Scale

This set is designed to fit the Frog/ Novo/ Eastern Express kit and contains replacement masts, ladders, railings and many more items to enhance this vintage kit in 1/415 scale.

Price £16.95 GB Pounds plus Postage    

Now Available

ATEMisc 07 Trinity House Lightship Fittings Set 1/110 Scale

ATEMisc 07 Trinity House Lightship Fittings in 1/110 Scale for the Frog/ Novo/ Eatern Express etc kits.

This contains replacement railings, Lantern Platform and Supports, Ladders, Anchor Chain, Boat Deck Supports, Doors and Skylights.

Price £11.65 plus postage.   Now Available

ATEMisc 06 HMS Trafalgar Detail Set 1/325 Scale

This is a large set of details for the Frog/ Novo/ Eastern Express kit of the 1960s Battle Class Destroyer  HMS Trafalgar. The set includes replacement masts and yardarms, radar antennas, Mk5 Twin Bofors gun mountings and AA Gun enhancements, tailored to fit railings, boat details, davits and more.

Price £17.35 GB Pounds plus postage

Now Available

ATEMisc 08 Universal Railings & Nets 1/200 Scale

This set provides some fine gauge railings to replace those found in

some 1/200 scale ship kits from the main stream manufacturers.

Includes standard and off set 3 bar railings, standard 2 bar railings,

single railings and handrails for bulwarks and combings. Also includes

the shell case catch nets for the gun deck railings.

Price £14.50 plus postage   Now Available